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As part of our efforts to develop a tourism information website, we are looking for new partners that can integrate our team. As you remember, our market is based on tourism and it is a big market where people who can create new products and services related to the tourism sector and the welfare industry are needed.

Today we are launching this space so that people from all over the world who have the following capacities can join the team and start a new adventure. Remember that we are looking for partners who can join the team, and not people who want to earn money for their work.

Values ​​and capacities.

• Creativity
• Human values, such as: respect, harmony, love, tolerance, and desire to learn.
• Willingness to work until the end.
• Honest.


• Willingness to travel if necessary.
• Speak English at least.
• Have a laptop or personal computer to work online.
• Economically stable (since we look for partners that form our team we want these to have a stable economy to be able to not earn for a certain time, and work in favor of actions).


• Lodging house in the city of Paiján, La Libertad Peru (map here).
• Personal room with all its accessories pending.
• Meals and refreshments every day (Monday to Sunday).
• Walks and leisure to new places and visits to certain places to take off the mind.
• Free internet access every day.
• TV, and free time to do other things, such as attending church or other useful things you want.

Participation for company actions depending on the treatment you make with us. We are currently offering 30% of it.

Jobs to apply:

Spanish to English Translation.

As a Spanish to English translator, you will have the job of translating the content in Spanish from into the English language; and reach 100% of the conclusion, and translate other content and services from Spanish to English. For this you need to know how to write in English, and use programs such as:

• Microsoft Office.

Specific roles:

Publish contents in the English version of and make them public on the web. That is, publish the translated information to the English version.

• Translate content from Spanish to English.
• Create marketing content for social networks in English.
• Translate other content from Spanish to English.
• Work between 8 hours and 10 hours per day.

If you have the ability to translate content from Spanish to English, you will have a 50% share of

Note: If you belong to another country, you should check your information to travel to Peru, the payment of the tickets does not include in this application, but your personal expenses every day as described in the Benefits section.

Look this Slideshare please: 


If want you more information for this project, please contact to email: [email protected] or contact via social networks as Facebook. We invite you to apply now in the button, please 😀


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